Captain Reginald "Doc" Winters

Medic with a Rocket Launcher


God save the queen!
Hes psychic, surly, and probably not a real doctor.
Has more guns then doctor tools.

A Medical Officer in Her Majesty’s Special Psionic Service, sent to America to assist in dealing with a rather fascist regime. Teaming up with a insurgency led by a man who refers to himself as Slayer and a team of heroes used as a sort of strike group.

Doc’s consciousness also found its way into the domed city of Northrock where another rough and tumble team of heroes, some debateably so, seek the reason as to why the dome is there in the first place, also Trail of Tears.

Now, Doc is called back to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s service to serve in her personal contigent of Psi-Knights.

Exists in Earth Limited and Northrock

Captain Reginald "Doc" Winters

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