Vigilante that needs work on his people skills


Reviews from those who have encountered Slayer:

“An absolute wankstain. There’s no bloke more reliable.” -An excessively large and attention-getting Scottish woman

“He just called me a shitstain and then shot at me! Completely unwarranted!” -a man in a space suit, while a rat man agreed, nodding in the background

“He’s alright to work for. Pay could be better.” -a British soldier with a grenade launcher over his shoulder. When asked for further comment, the soldier just said “nah” and begun to walk away

“Street-level vigilante, has trouble working with others, frequently time-displaced. Don’t tell Temporal that, though. He’ll probably just pick him up and put him in the wrong place in time. Again.” -Psi, International League of Heroes member

“Slayer? You know him? Every time I try and set up a movie with a character representing him in it, he just goes and plants explosives on the set. How else am I going to make Jack Dagger 31: Jack Trains Slayer To Be The Best?” -Jack Dagger, famed movie star with mixed reviews

“What? Don’t know him. Fuck off.” -Frowning Japanese woman carrying a baby


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